Mini Double Sided Ceramic Whetstone Kitchen Knife Sharpener Tool Sharpening Stone


  • Special proportioned, high hardness, wear-proof, fine texture and durable. 
  • Easily sharpens any blade whether your everyday kitchen knives, chisel or scissors.
  • Double sided. The ceramic side is for fine sharpening and the other side is for coarse sharpening.
  • Regular sharpening drastically improves cutting performance and keeps knives sharp.
  • Mini and portable size, great for kitchen storage, takes up less space.

Condition: 100% Brand New
Material: Ceramic + Artificial Diamond
Color: Silver + White
Product Size: Approx. 75 * 25 * 6mm / 3.0 * 1.0 * 0.2"
Package Weight: Approx. 53g

Package Included:
1 * Sharpening Stone